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Merry Hill Kindergarten

Merryhill kindergarten is an early learning day-care/kindergarten located in Wilson garden. The Founder of Merryhill has been an educator for the last 35 years and takes immense pride in shaping young minds to be valuable members of community and cope with the challenges faced by children in today's education system and life.

Emphasis on a strong Curriculum and Quality Education

Play home or kindergarten is the first opportunity for children to understand that school is a place for learning. A typical day in our class room includes fun activities and sessions that promote language, problem solving, memory development and general knowledge.

We give children more than education - our holistic care encompasses everything from health and wellbeing, to creative expression.

merry hill kindergarten

Call us today at Merry Hill Kindergarten to organise a visit to our Early Learning Day Care Centre which has the advantage of accessing long day care! +91 80 2223 2225